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Berrien Faust Group

Todd Berrien partnered with Kathy & Don Faust to form the Berrien Faust Group in 2016 and as an established group with over 87 years of experience, they have been able to offer a unique and comprehensive approach including providing excellent service, communication, and expertise to their clients. But it was time to update their brand to reflect the team's forward-thinking vision.

In working with Todd, I could tell that he viewed each client as a relationship and partnership and not just a transaction. We worked on creating an identity that was welcoming and paid tribute to the longstanding Faust duo as well as usher in a new era of long-lasting relationships that is still built on trust, value, and experience. 

The Berrien Faust Group was thrilled with the outcome and that they were able to finally tell a cohesive story about their dedication to their clients.

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