1. My name is Sandy Chang. I am a digital artist.

  2. I create one of a kind video montages about people, love, life, happiness, and sadly, sometimes loss.

  3. STUDIO 23 is the manifestation of a childhood dream to one day own my own business.

  4. The 23 comes from my birthdate- August 23.

  5. After years of creating videos as a side hustle, I left my job as a marketing director and decided to act on my ‘someday’ plans.

  6. I find joy in turning photos into a memorable video. I especially love doing this for people who are at defining moments in their lives. Sometimes it feels good to reflect on the past.

  7. I believe everyone has a story that can be told from their collection of photos. I find fulfillment in bringing those stories to life.

  8. I also believe that everyone should have at least one video made about and for them. Whether it’s in honor, in celebration or in remembrance of an occasion in their lives, the video will be something they can watch with nostalgic gratification. 

  9. When I create videos, my goal is not just on the outward appearance of the final product, but also on its inward significance.

  10. My passion for creating videos stems from a desire to make people feel significant and loved. This passion is the raison d'être of STUDIO 23.

  11. My aim is that the end result is a video that is timeless and can be watched over and over. I hope that the images help the viewer to discover or re-live an emotion they didn’t realize at that time.

  12. Although I am a visual person, I am also very drawn to words and I find great inspiration in quotes.

  13. Noted art critic, John Ruskin, said, “When love and skill come together, expect a masterpiece.” That is what I hope my love and skill can provide all of my clients- a memorable, honest and emotional masterpiece.

  14. My family is a great source of inspiration for me...especially my mother.

  15. Incidentally, I made my very first video montage for my mom’s 50th birthday...12 years ago (sorry mom!)

  16. I also have a graphic design muscle which I still flex.

  17. When asked what I wanted to be in high school, I said ‘successful.' I have since embraced this quote from Swami Sivananda, “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success."

  18. I graduated from UCI where I studied Digital Art.

  19. I have lived in Southern California pretty much all my life and I love calling Orange County my home.

  20. I am a huge Anaheim Ducks fan.

  21. I. Love. French. Fries. 

  22. My goddaughter, Valentine, is the light of my life. She will grow up with a camera in her face and a video documenting every milestone.

  23. Gertrude Stein said, “We are always the same age inside." For me, that age is...of course, 23.

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